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Stephen Siegel

Web Developer

01. Introduction

I'm Steve, a Web Applications Developer located near Baltimore, Maryland. If you'd like to chat, please get in touch with me.


Who am I?


What can I do?

Work Experience

Where have I been?

ConeBeam CT Portal

  • cbct landing
  • cbct login
  • cbct registration
  • cbct cart
  • cbct add machine

The ConeBeam CT Portal is an accreditation portal built on top of laravel to collect dynamic form data and file uploads. Applicant submissions are subsequently reviewed through a customized admin panel.



  • RegQuest introduction
  • RegQuest Subscribers
  • RegQuest Compliance
  • RegQuest Packages
  • RegQuest External Review

RegQuest is an online, subscription-based research tool allowing multiple tiers of subscribers with an eCommerce component. RegQuest was created to ensure access to the most up-to-date medical management regulations


CHQI Storefront

  • CHQI Resources
  • CHQI Blog
  • CHQI Resource Single
  • CHQI Workshops

The CHQI Store was created to sell accreditation standards as virtual products and event tickets.



  • ParityRegistry Landing
  • ParityRegistry Complaint Form
  • ParityRegistry Analytics

ParityRegistry is a repository of complaints collected from patients who were denied insurance coverage for mental health disorders. The data collected is aggregated and used for analytics.


RadSite Portal

  • RSP Landing
  • RSP Login
  • RSP Registration
  • RSP Add Machine
  • RSP Add Application
  • RSP Admin 1
  • RSP Admin 2
  • RSP In-Progress Application
  • RSP Technologists

RSP is a web portal enabling customers to apply for MIPPA accreditation by filling out web forms and completing several document submissions. These submissions are subsequently scored by administrators through the dynamic dashboard.


Kennedy Forum National Website

  • The Kennedy Forum Landing
  • The Kennedy Forum About
  • The Kennedy Forum Parity
  • The Kennedy Forum Resources
  • The Kennedy Forum Footer

Founded by Patrick J Kennedy, The Kennedy Forum seeks to set a new standard for the future of health care in the United States.


Schooner Strategies

  • Schooner Strategies Landing

Schooner Strategies has been a leading force in policy-development, government relations support, operational management, research-based marketing and business development.


  • PJKnet Landing
  • PJKnet Latest
  • PJKnet Timeline is a blog and news website focused on the goals and aspirations of Patrick J Kennedy



  • ParityTrack Landing
  • ParityTrack State Reports
  • ParityTrack Glossary
  • ParityTrack Federal Legislation
  • ParityTrack Legal Cases

ParityTrack is a national leadership coalition founded and led by the Honorable Patrick Kennedy, the lead sponsor of the Federal Parity Law, in January 2014.

02. Selected Projects

Project 01. ConeBeam CT Portal
Y-2018 Apr
Project 02.
Y-2018 Oct
Project 03. CHQI Storefront
Y-2018 Oct
Project 04. ParityRegistry
Y-2017 Oct
Project 05. RadSite Portal
Y-2017 Sept
Project 06. Kennedy Forum National Website
Y-2017 Aug
Project 07. Schooner Strategies
Y-2017 Jul
Project 08.
Y-2017 Jun
Project 09. ParityTrack
Y-2017 Apr

03. Weapons of Choice

AWS Amazon Web Services 001.
WordPress WordPress 002.
Laravel Laravel 003.
VueJS Vue JS 004.
Sass Sass 005.
Webpack Webpack 006.
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 007.
Illustrator Adobe Illustrator 008.
JQuery jQuery 009.

04. Get in Touch